Dryer Repair In Oklahoma City – Is Your Dryer Getting too Hot?

Dryer repair service. Young technician examining and repairing tumble dryer. Woman looking at broken household appliance. Appliance Repair Technician with customer. Man fixing dryer.   Remember that when you run a load of laundry through the clothes dryer, the clothes in it are super, super hot and the heat concentrates? If the temperature [...]

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Refrigerator Repair Service In Oklahoma City – My Refrigerator Is Not Cooling?

Woman Looking At Male Worker Repairing Refrigerator In Kitchen Whirlpool refrigerators and freezers are cold, but there are problems that can cause your fridge to not cool sufficiently. Refrigerators are becoming more complex and a common part of the disruption is that the fridge is warm and the freezer is cold. There are [...]

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