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One of the most common reasons LG refrigerators and freezers are not cold is a dirty condenser coil. If your fridge is hot and bubbly, it is probably due to a malfunction of the condensers, no problem with the freezer.

If you find that your fridge is not cooling and your freezer is working properly, a defective evaporator fan motor is a common part of the malfunction. If the motor fails, the fan cannot move the cold air, and if the evaporators, fans or motors fail, the colder air cannot circulate, preventing the refrigerator from reaching proper temperatures. You will find other reasons why your refrigerator does not cool, such as a clogged vent or a problem with the circulating air in your refrigerator. If your whirlpool fridge does not cool down, this is probably due to a malfunction of the capacitor coil.

Make sure that nothing blocks the passages between the freezer and the refrigerator. You can hear the fridge running but it hardly stops running, but it doesn’t cause any problems with the fridge.

When the compressor, evaporator and fan run as they should, the temperature of the refrigerator decreases further. When the condenser or fan is not running, it does not cool the refrigerant and it can overheat and cause the temperature rise. Check if the condenser is working properly if the freezer is not cooling well or not working properly.

The reason the refrigerator does not cool down can be the condenser coil, which is usually located at the back or bottom of the refrigerator. Condenser coils dissipate heat when refrigerant (liquid) passes through them and air finally passes through the coil to cool the fridge and freezer. If the defrosting heater is not switched on, frost forms and thus also the air that travels through this coil and provides cooling. The position of a condensing coil depends on the make and model of your refrigerator, but it is usually located in or near the back and bottom of refrigerators and can be accessed from the front or back of each refrigerator through a small opening in the wall or door.

If the freezer is still running and the refrigerator is not cold, start capacitor or compressor – high relay is bad. If the refrigerator has a digital temperature scale without speed control settings, the reason for the cooling down, even though the compressors are working, is the wrong temperature setting. The reason why the start-up relays of the refrigerator could be bad is that the freezers and fans still cool down, but the refrigerators do not get colder. Turn off the compressor so that every 2-3 minutes a click noise returns to your fridge.

If the fridge is warm and the freezer is cold, the temperature control is defective, although the fridge and freezer are both cold. If the main circuits are defective, if the refrigerator is warmer and the freezer is cold, or if both refrigerators are warm, then the temperature switch board (or any other part of the circuit) could be defective.

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