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When it comes to baking everything from lasagna to cookies, my oven has always been my thing – right down to the appliance. If you have a built-in oven or hob that houses your oven and hob together, you might not even have electricity to heat the oven.

This means that even in the event of a power failure, your cooker will still work, as will your gas cooker, but it is not recommended to turn it on, say overnight, or if you have forgotten it. As mentioned above, the heat in your oven can melt if the oven door is not closed or left open properly. If the door to the fridge is closed and there is nothing in it, the likelihood of a fire or something else happening is low – as long as it is properly closed and the doors to the hob, hob and oven are closed. The stove itself can catch fire if it does not close properly, even though there was nothing inside that ignited and it was properly closed.

If your oven or stove is cooking things irregularly, burns them crispy or just doesn’t seem to heat up as you use them, you may have some broken or worn components in it that need to be replaced. Before you throw in the towel and call an oven repair company, try a few tricks to solve the problem so that you can solve it yourself, before you get in touch and find out whether it is a fault that needs to be dealt with by a specialist or a problem that can be solved on your own. If you are in the market for a new stove you need to decide whether repair or replace or to use gas or electricity for the next stove.

If you cook your chicken on the hob to get a nice char, it will be cooked evenly in the oven. Stoves with two gas burners have problems with this, but it is still possible that it is due to the fuse. If the top of your oven does not come to temperature, you may need to check what is running to make sure the food is not burning. It is possible that an oven reaches the right temperature, but food is not prepared properly within the prescribed time, or that food is cooked more quickly in the convection oven.

So if you use a convection oven, assume that most recipes specify something different, and specify the recommended cooking time and temperature, and lower the temperature accordingly by 25 degrees Fahrenheit unless you specify otherwise. If you have an oven and the recipe is written specifically for it, it is recommended to set the oven to 25 degrees below what the recipes dictate, but remember that some ovens tend to cook things faster, so don’t take it lightly. Convective cooking in the oven not only causes heat damage to your food, but can also dry it out.

If you notice that your baked goods cook faster if you put more than one tray in the oven, try placing a baking tray on the middle rack of your oven. Convection ovens allow cooking to be even faster because the temperature remains constant, whereas a conventional oven can have up to an hour or more cooking time per tray. In addition to generating very uniform heat, convection kitchens can also eliminate hot spots in the oven (which means, for example, that you don’t have to turn the pans when baking cookies, although it’s doubtful whether this is a good idea in a normal oven).

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