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Although your dishwasher may be one of your most valuable household appliances, you may not know that if it leaks, it can be a sign that you are not only overloading it, but that it is leaking. We wonder if we have overloaded our dishwashers or if they are leaking due to lack of maintenance or even a combination of both.

This can be the case if you see water leaking out of the front door of your dishwasher, but if the leak comes out of the door and it is found to be soap solution, it can also be leaking due to a leak in the gasket. If you think something worse is causing the dishwasher leak, you can inspect and wipe your seals with warm water or soap.

If all else fails and the source of the leak has not yet been found, you can search for puddles and identify the pump in the dishwasher. You may also want to check the walls to make sure the hose or pipe is not leaking, which will make it look as if it is leaking if the dishwasher is actually working properly. If there is a leak at the bottom of your dishwasher door or if your tub is full of water when you open the dishwasher door, check your drains.

Years of exposure to hot water and detergent can weaken the rubber seals on the door, and if the floor of the dishwasher is leaking, you may need a new door seal. If water is still leaking from the dishwasher and the seals appear to be in good condition, it is a good idea to check the alignment of both doors while they are in the tub.

If there is a problem with the seal, the leak is likely caused by another component inside the dishwasher. If the sump seal is relatively new, it could be the motor shaft seal, and if it leaks from the motors at the bottom of the dishwasher, it could also be a pump seal part. However, if the water from your dishwasher seeps through the door into the sink or other parts of your home, this may not be due to the seals or parts of the pump.

When your dishwasher has seen your load (and it will most likely be your next fight with 4 children), a leak may have developed due to a hole that was carried into the tub. If you can figure out where the leak is coming from, you may actually be able to repair it, but if you still find it leaking, you may have a serious problem that requires professional diagnosis and repair.

Do not go further down the path of denial, face the fact that your dishwasher is leaking, and fix it if you will. Even if not everyone can solve their own problem with the washing-up liquid leak, a competent professional can help you diagnose, solve and get it working again soon. However, it is always advisable to hire a technician, as you cannot afford to do so because you misdiagnose the cause of the dishwasher leak.

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