garbage disposal repair okc

Repairman working on the plumbing system and garbage disposal under a modern kitchen sink, with a plumbers tool tray and equipment

I hate to admit it yet my wife showed me just how to fix a garbage disposal. First, she showed me what not to place in there. And if you wish to avoid having to repair your garbage disposal, you could also need to know what not to place in there. And while some garbage disposals are advertised as being able to handle almost anything, it is most likely best not to test it simply to see. You should not place stringy veggies in there. 2, any type of type of oil or lard can also cause issues over time. As well as 3, bones must not be placed in a disposal.

Ok, so you neglect or somebody else (like the kids) puts something in there that shouldn’t be in there. Or you pack way too much in at a time (it’s best to place something in one thing at a time). Or a fork or knife unintentionally makes it in. You flip the switch as well as no action. And also all you get is a hum. What do you do? This is a trouble that my partner instructed me to try my own. It really is not that difficult.

On my disposal there is a red reset switch near the bottom of the device. The hum implies that the device has actually tripped out as a result of the blockage. You can wait simply a few minutes, press the reset switch and after that turn the disposal on to see if it is working properly once again. Sometimes it will, however occasionally it will not.

There is a 2nd action you can attempt that I discovered when you’ve got a major obstacle jamming things up. And also it might be a good idea to disconnect the unit for this task. Making use of some tongs, you can grab any large items in the disposer. With a long screwdriver, stick it down in there into one of the openings on the top of the unit. You could be able to break the jam shed by moving the screwdriver back and also forth. If it works, take the screwdriver out, plug the device back in (don’t forget that one!), press the reset switch, turn on the water and turn on the disposal. You will be back in business.

There can be a few other issues with disposals that will require calling a plumber. It actually relies on just how good you are working with tools and also exactly how patient you are. If it calls for a lot of real plumbing skills or electrical work, I will certainly call the pros.

By the way, as far as preventative maintenance an additional method I have actually found out is to place ice and citrus rinds in the disposal once in a while. It helps to keep the blades sharp, reduces the germs as well as makes it smell much better.

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